Volunteer Saturday 8/17/2013

Volunteer Saturday is a branch of Operation Arthroscopy that provides orthopedic and arthroscopic surgical care to patients who are unable to afford such procedures. On August 17, 2013, Dr. Stetson and his surgical team at Glendale Endoscopy and Surgery Center volunteered their time, knowledge, and equipment to perform four surgeries for patients in need of surgical intervention. Dr. Stetson will provide them with essential post-operative medical care and guide them through their recovery. A special thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped make this a successful Volunteer Saturday.

Volunteer Saturday Patient Becomes Eagle Scout

Dr. William Stetson with Sasoon Amerian

Operation Arthroscopy would like to congratulate Volunteer Saturday patient Sasoon Amerian for recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts.

Sasoon earned 21 merit badges by providing service to the community and outdoors in additional to taking on leadership roles and organizing a service project.  For Sasoon’s leadership project he built three wooden kiosks for Brand Park.

Congratulations Sasoon!

Volunteer Saturday

Patient Dillon Fuller & His Mother

Operation Arthroscopy continues “to bring orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery to those in need” in our local community with Volunteer Saturday which was held at the Glendale Endoscopy and Surgery Center on June 18th.  Dr. Stetson and his surgical team volunteered their time to perform surgery for those who are unable to afford it.

Pictured here is our patient, Dillon Fuller, with his mother.  Dillon had a dislocating shoulder and was unable to find someone who would do his surgery because he had no insurance.  With the help of all of our “Volunteer Saturday” staff, we arthroscopically repaired the ligaments in his shoulder and he is now on his way to returning to all his regular activities.  Special thanks to Smith and Nephew who donated implants for the surgery.

Operation Arthroscopy in Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Scott Powell, Director of Fellowship Education for Operation Arthroscopy, and Drs. Richard Gayle and Guillem Lomas traveled to the Mater Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya in February with Operation Arthroscopy.  They performed 21 surgeries in 3 days while training 25 Kenyan surgeons and gave a conference on their final day on shoulder and knee arthroscopy. Patients came from Kenya and as far away as neighboring Tanzania to have surgery, and the Mater Hospital sponsored several patients who could not afford care. Generous donations from Smith and Nephew, Motion Picture Hospital, and Providence St. Joseph Hospital allowed the physicians to bring state of the art equipment and implants to Nairobi.  Dr. Powell plans to return to Nairobi in September with his wife, Dr. Cynthia Boxrud, who will perform eye surgery on members of the Masai tribe at a temporary clinic in the Masai Mara.

Operation Arthroscopy Vietnam

The dates for the second annual Operation Arthroscopy Vietnam have been set. The conference will be held from Dec. 6-10th in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City.) [Read more...]

Operation Arthroscopy in Africa

Dr. Scott Powell traveled to Kenya in August to teach and perform arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder at the Mater Hospital in Nairobi with Dr. Samuel Owinga.

The trip established a new port of call for Operation Arthroscopy to develop a center of arthroscopy in East Africa to include Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya.  Dr. John Muriithi, CEO of the Mater Hospital, committed hospital resources to provide care for patients who cannot pay for care.  Dr. Owinga will work with the visiting physicians of Operation Arthroscopy to screen patients from the neighboring countries and perform surgery. [Read more...]

Volunteer Saturday

Volunteer Saturday with Brian Nova.

Operation Arthroscopy has decided to go local and help out our Southern California community. “Volunteer Saturday” was started by Operation Arthroscopy to continue our mission of “bringing orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery to those in need.” On January 9th, 2010, the team from Operation Arthroscopy performed two surgeries on patients who had no insurance but required surgical intervention. Pictured here is Brian Nova, an aspiring young football player with an ACL tear. Dr. Stetson and his team reconstructed his knee with the help of donated supplies, the surgery center, and the staff. We wish Brian luck in his senior year of high school football!